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Ciel Joins 11 Major New Jersey Companies In Support Of Electric Vehicle Legislation

Ciel Power LLC is proud to join Ceres and the New Jersey Sustainable Business Council, along with eleven major New Jersey companies including DSM, Unilever, IKEA, Earth Friendly Products, Hackensack Meridian Health, JLL, and several others in support of electric vehicle legislation under consideration by the New Jersey Legislature (S2252/A4819).

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Style and Sustainability; Photos From the Summer '18 Sustainable Fashion Show

We partnered with The Regeneration magazine, Reeves Reed Arboretum, Green Summit, and Sustainable Fashion Stylist Lauren Engelke to explore the many different facets of ecofashion and to bring the latest sustainable fashion designs to the Reeves-Reed runway in Summit, New Jersey.

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How Rain Gardens Work [And Why You Need One]

Gardening isn't just about planting flowers anymore.  

In fact, your garden has taken on an enormous amount of responsibility over the past decade.  

We know that fresh organic produce grown in your garden can lower your exposure to chemicals and save you money at the grocery store.  

We've also recently learned that incorporating the the right mix of flowers can help prevent the extinction of pollenators.  

Now, your garden can also help you lower the likelihood of a flooded basement, fight pollution, and replenish groundwater supplies. 

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Architect Gary Rosard Nails Sustainability

While most architects are incorporating energy-efficiency into their designs as an afterthought, there is an increasing number of architects who are incorporating green design techniques utilizing a “whole house approach” to energy-efficiency in the developments, additions, and renovations they design.  Known for comfortable modern homes and stunning interior design, Gary Rosard designs projects from his office on Millburn Avenue in Millburn, New Jersey. 

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National Energy Awareness Month; Spotlight on Energy-Efficient Home Heating Systems

Chances are, if you live in a home with an outdated heating system, the idea of colder winter months approaching is actually scarier than October's spookiest night.  Leaks  and clanking aplenty, keeping comfortable is a nightmare, and the constant maintenance required to keep the unit running is downright horrifying.  In New Jersey, and other states throughout the country, however, there's really nothing to fear.  Both in New Jersey and other states, there are programs that have truly taken the fear out of October by offering amazing incentives that are well worth the trip outside your comfort zone and into the realm of energy-efficiency.   

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