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Americans Are Staying Home More. That's Saving Energy. Except At Home.

We're spending more time at home; a lot more. Virtual corporate networks, video streaming services, social media, and online shopping are steadily increasing the amount of time we're spending in our living rooms and home offices.

This nesting is yielding an unexpected benefit; Americans are saving energy. A recent study published in Joule estimates that between 2003 and 2012, our time at home has increased by more than eight days per year, and the associated reduction in travel (one minute of car travel is 20 times more energy intensive than time at home) and other activities is saving an estimated 1.7 trillion BTU's of energy each year.


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Why Is My Addition Always Cold? Five Ways To Improve The Comfort of Your Addition

For those who have a great room, kitchen addition, or bathroom addition, fall is often the beginning of a long stretch of comfort issues – no amount of space heating, blankets, or extra sweaters seem to provide the comfort necessary to truly enjoy these newer spaces.  That's why we dove deep into our bench of experts to find the top five causes of comfort issues in new additions; and what can be done to  improve comfort in your home's addition.  We've prioritized the recommendations from least invasive/difficult to most invasive/difficult, but one thing's for sure – these improvements, when installed, will have a dramatic impact on the overall comfort of these spaces.


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