Gain actionable insight with a Ciel Home Energy Audit.

We care deeply about your home.  While conventional insulation and mechanical contracting has evolved to maximize profits and production, we make an extra effort to carefully examine each of our customer's homes so that we can make insightful recommendations about budget-friendly improvements that will yield the biggest impact on their home's overall comfort and efficiency.


We'll check a lot, so you can make smart decisions.


Insulation Levels

Gain a complete understanding of your home's insulation levels including attic, exterior walls, and basement.  Compare how the insulation in your home compares with today's standards and learn how to prioritize upgrades to make smart decisions about where to invest your home improvement dollars.

Heating Systems

Tap into the wisdom of our technicians as they examine the safety and energy-efficiency of your home's heating system.  Watch as they use sophisticated equipment to closely examine the exhaust gasses of your system so that you can be confident that the combustion, exhaust ventilation, and carbon monoxide levels of your heating system are functional and within normal ranges. 

Air-Conditioning Systems

Get a real time view into the energy-efficiency of your home's air-conditioning system.  Dig deeper with detailed conversations about how the improvements prescribed for your home will help solve problems with uneven cooling, moisture, and poor air distribution.

Hot Water Heaters

Note how we examine the efficiency, performance, and safety of your home's hot water heating system.  Study our technicians as they inspect for gas leaks on any of your exposed gas lines.  Follow along as your technician analyzes the unit's exhaust gasses, measures the draft pressure, analyzes carbon monoxide levels, and checks for spillage on your unit.

Building Construction

Explore how technicians examine the construction of your home's walls, floors, windows, attic, roof, garage, crawlspaces, and overhangs to understand how each of these building components work together to affect the overall comfort of your home.  Inquire as your technician also notes the orientation, grading, and ventilation to which means our engineers will have complete insight on the variables affecting your home.  With this level of data, you get the right recommendations the first time so you can make improvement decisions with confidence.

See information about your home's existing insulation levels, air-infiltration rates, and safety testing in one report that delivers actionable insight.


Feel the air-infiltration as your home is depressurized to simulate a twenty mile per hour wind. Easily understand a complete picture of the air-leakage occurring in your home from basement to attic.  Use your Ciel Home Energy Audit Report to proactively decide upon solutions as you gain an understanding of how air-leakage in your home compares to today's recommended levels.


As the premier home energy auditing firm in New Jersey, Ciel brings together information about each of your home's systems in one easy-to-understand report.  In just a few hours you can have a comprehensive overview of each of your home's systems and clear understanding of how deficiencies in each of these systems may impact other systems in your home.  Don't just treat the symptoms and move on.  Use what you've learned to make better decisions about your home.  Reporting from Ciel turns the data collected during your home energy audit into actionable insight that can improve the comfort, safety, durability, and energy-efficiency of your home.


Responsibly Raising The Bar

Every home.  Every day.  We're all about focusing on what matters most – keeping your family healthy and safe.  Morning to night, our certified technicians are using sophisticated diagnostic equipment to meticulously examine gas lines, combustion appliances and exhaust ventilation so we can make recommendations that underscore the health, safety, and well-being of our customers.

Combustion Safety Testing

We're serious about energy efficiency, but not at the expense of safety.  We scrutinize each of the heating and hot water systems in the homes of our customers.  There's no place for unexpected safety concerns, so we check the CO levels, draft pressure, and perform exhaust gas spillage tests on atmospherically vented combustion appliances like furnaces, boilers, and hot water heaters.  

Gas Leak Detection

We utilize specialized equipment to inspect exposed gas lines for leaks.  It's our belief that it's more about what you do than how big you are.  

Visual Assessment 

Every choice – the recommendations we make, the products we install, and how we install them – affects the bigger picture: the safety and comfort of our customers.  This usually means that we spend a lot more time probing and testing than other contractors do.  We're studying moisture levels, outdated electrical wiring, and considering other hazards that may impact the well being of our customers.  We wouldn't have it any other way.  

Get started with a Ciel Home Energy Audit.

The best way to get to know where to start with energy-efficiency improvements is to schedule a home energy audit!  

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