Architect Gary Rosard Nails Sustainability

While most architects are incorporating energy-efficiency into their designs as an afterthought, there is an increasing number of architects who are incorporating green design techniques utilizing a “whole house approach" to energy-efficiency in the developments, additions, and renovations they design.  A growing trend towards the responsible consumption of natural resources and the impact that excessive consumption is having on our health, environment, and quality of life is paving the way for a new generation of socially responsible clients seeking the services of professionals who prioritize sustainable design and environmental sensitivity at every level of a design/build project.

Known for comfortable modern homes and stunning interior design, Gary Rosard designs projects from his office on Millburn Avenue in Millburn, New Jersey.  “Incorporating environmental considerations and resource efficiency into every step of the project to minimize environmental impact is one of the guiding principals of our firm.” says Rosard.  “Using a whole house approach when designing is crucial when using green design techniques.”

With extensive experience creating custom homes, Rosard's firm is available to assist with every detail of a project including interior design.  “We consider design materials for their beauty, functionality, energy-efficiency, and for their health impact,” says Rosard.  “Whether the project is a new house, an addition, or a remodel, our mission is to create your perfect home, and to guide you through the decisions that are involved in a construction project.”

Known for his effervescent personality and energetic presentations on “Healthy Homes” to newcomers to his hometown of Millburn, New Jersey, Rosard became acquainted with Ciel during the roll-out of Millburn's township-wide home energy audit campaign.

“Getting to have those experiences on my own home was something special,” said Rosard, referring to his recent experience of participating in the town's home energy audit program.  As a LEED AP certified professional, Rosard is familiar with the intricacies of energy-efficiency retrofits, and the results of the home energy audit performed on his 1918 home left a lasting impression.  

The incentives available through New Jersey's Home Performance with Energy Star program gave Rosard the long-awaited opportunity to bring today's energy-efficiency standards to a home constructed nearly one hundred years ago.  Taking Ciel's advice and running with it, Rosard seized the opportunity to upgrade his home's insulation levels, dramatically reduce his home's air-flow rate, and significantly improve the overall comfort and energy-efficiency of his home.  

With Rosard's extensive industry background, the project wasn't as much a job as it was an opportunity for collaboration.  Before any work was scheduled, he began with a step not offered by many providers: a top-down walk through of the home.  “When two professionals come together, you're bouncing ideas off each other and this collaboration allows us to connect at a another level.”  he says.  “Together we created a detailed work scope using green products that were important to us.”

Even as the work began on his home, Gary Rosard's passion for sustainability and building design allowed him to appreciate the efforts being made by the Ciel crew to upgrade his home.  The air-sealing being done throughout the home, the insulation being added to his attic and beneath the shingles of his exterior walls, and the addition of spray foam to his basement rim-joist would combine to dramatically improve the comfort and energy-efficiency of his Millburn home.

At Gary Rosard Architect we are focused on quality construction that will help you to minimize home energy consumption, and provide a healthy indoor environment
— G. Rosard