New Jersey Crawlspace Encapsulation

A Crawlspace Encapsulation addresses the moisture, temperature, and air quality issues typically associated with these spaces. Specialized vapor barriers are installed to block unwanted moisture and to prevent this moisture from entering living spaces and contributing towards mold growth. A crawlspace encapsulation seals and insulates these previously uninhabitable areas of your home and transforms them into comfortable and conditioned spaces suitable for storage and other types of usable space.

A properly insulated crawlspace will reduce unwanted air infiltration and slow the transmission of extreme temperatures into your living space.  A properly encapsulated crawlspace provides additional square footage for storing household items.


Encapsulate your crawlspace for cleaner healthier living spaces.

Proper crawlspace insulation increases the overall comfort and efficiency of your home.  A properly insulated foundation will keep below-grade rooms more comfortable and prevent moisture problems.


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