Managing Member Scott Fischer Shares Energy Efficiency Tips With Country Living Magazine

It's the middle of summer and Country Living magazine just posted their  “Ten Small Fixes That Could Save You Big Money In Your Home.”  They included several tips from the just released #HOME Summer Edition written by Scott Fischer, Co-Founder and Managing Member of Ciel Power LLC.


Scott's passion for sustainability carried over into his newly released book #HOME (Summer Edition) 101 Ways To Improve Your Home's Comfort and Energy Efficiency.  "It was incredibly hard to narrow down all my favorite tips, since there's so many different things people can do to lower their energy consumption," Scott said.  "So, I submitted a list of my favorites from behavioral items, to small DIY projects, to technology apps and let Country Living surprise me with their selections."

Scott was happy with the tips they selected for the Country Living magazine article including his favorite; Have a home energy audit performed on your home and obtain professional opinions before installing energy efficiency upgrades.  In the article Scott says, “To get a professional opinion, even if they're not doing a full diagnostic test, is like consulting with a doctor. They add value to the conversation.”

Scott's other recommendations include the use of “smart” power strips to reduce so-called “vampire” loads that cost the average American household upwards of $165 per year according to the National Resources Defense Council.

Country Magazine, a Hearst publication, is the largest selling shelter magazine on the newsstand and the “definitive guide” to the country lifestyle. The entire article, written by Elizabeth Florio, can be found here.

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