Ciel Power LLC Awarded Energy Audit Contract for Residents of Highland Park New Jersey

Ciel Power LLC Awarded Energy Audit Contract for Residents of Highland Park New Jersey

Ciel Power LLC Designated As The Preferred Provider of Energy Audits to Residents of Highland Park.

March 16th 2012

Lyndhurst NJ - Ciel Power LLC, a leading provider of residential energy audits and energy-efficient home retrofits today announced that it has been awarded a contract designating Ciel Power LLC as the preferred provider of residential energy audits for residents of Highland Park New Jersey. Ciel Power LLC will work directly with the township to promote and administer energy auditing services to residents as part of the Highland Park "It's In Our Power" campaign to reduce the collective carbon footprint of municipal, commercial, and residential dwellings in Highland Park.

Scott Fischer, a Managing Member of Ciel Power LLC says, "We are excited to be a part of this ground breaking public/private partnership designed to encourage residents of Highland Park to reduce their carbon footprint. A home energy audit will help Highland Park Homeowners identify specific prescriptive measures that will reduce the energy consumption of their home. Additionally, as an Accredited New Jersey Home Performance with Energy Star Contractor, Ciel Power LLC can provide Highland Park Residents access to financing and incentives currently available through the New Jersey Home Performance with Energy Star Program of up to $5000 cash back and zero interest financing to help defer the cost of implementing these improvements."

As part of this contract, Ciel Power LLC will provide energy auditing services to Highland Park Residents at a discounted rate. Ciel Power LLC will perform audits based on the guidelines set forth by the Building Performance Institute which include safety and efficiency testing of combustion appliances, depressurization of the home, evaluation of existing insulation levels, and a comprehensive report outlining specific deficiencies and prioritized list of recommended improvements based on overall return on investment.

Highland Park will encourage residents to obtain an energy audit as part of their "It's In Our Power" Pledge Program. In this program residents "pledge" to take a series of steps to reduce energy consumption including having an energy audit performed on their home. Highland Park will feature Ciel Power LLC at a series of events held between March 1st and October 1st specifically designed to promote participation in the "It's In Our Power" Campaign. Highland Park will feature auditing services offered by Ciel Power LLC on their "It's In Our Power" Website, promotional materials, and events.

Stephen Austin, a Managing Member and co-founder of Ciel Power LLC says, "We look forward to building a significant presence in Highland Park to help build awareness of Highland Park's "It's In Our Power" campaign." and introducing Highland Park residents to the many benefits of having an energy audit performed on their home. Implementing the improvements prescribed by an energy audit result in a more efficient, more comfortable, and healthier home. Many homeowners are unaware that by performing air-sealing measures, adding insulation, and upgrading outdated HVAC equipment they can significantly reduce their overall consumption of energy and as a result, significantly reduce their seasonal utility bills."

About Ciel Power LLC

Ciel Power LLC is a One-Source Solution for customers interested in becoming energy-efficient. Ciel Power LLC provides residential customers with a full suite of energy-efficient products and services including a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, prioritized retrofit recommendations, insulation and air-sealing, energy efficient lighting, and alternative energy solutions.

Ciel Power LLC is a Building Performance Institute Accredited Contractor, a New Jersey Home Performance with Energy Star Accredited Contractor, a Better Business Bureau Accredited Contractor, and is a Licensed New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor (NJHIC#13VH06170900) with offices in Nutley, Lyndhurst, and Glen Rock New Jersey.

Ciel Power provides services to customers throughout the state of New Jersey. For more information about Ciel Power LLC and our products and services, visit or call 201-632-3463.

About the "It's In Our Power" Pledge Program

The "It's In Our Power" pledge program was formed by Highland Park residents, businesses, local government, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The "It's In Our Power" Campaign aims to reduce the carbon footprint of Highland Park 80% by the year 2050.

Highland Park is one of three towns in New Jersey selected to participate in the EPA's Climate Showcase Communities project.

About Highland Park New Jersey

Highland Park is located in Middlesex County New Jersey. Highland Park has a population of approximately 14,000 residents living in approximately six thousand households. Set on the banks of the Raritan River, Highland Park borders Edison, New Brunswick, and Piscataway. Highland Park is governed by an elected Mayor, and Borough Council comprising six council members.

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