Ciel Power LLC Unveils Next Generation Website

Ciel Power LLC Unveils Next Generation Website

Lyndhurst, New Jersey —August 12th, 2015— Ciel Power LLC, a leading provider of home energy audits and energy-efficiency related home retrofits, today unveiled the next generation of its website;  With new enhancements to the website, customers now have one place to map and optimize journeys that span diagnostics, prioritized recommendations, custom retrofits and more. In addition, the next generation of Ciel Power's website allows homeowners to seamlessly check availability and schedule appointments online.

The next generation of Ciel Power's website enables customers to gain a top-down view of the entire company and to easily understand Ciel Power's corporate philosophy, service offerings, and personalized content on a variety of topics including -- sustainability, energy-efficiency, municipal and corporate partnerships, technical data, event participation, and sustainability-related happenings throughout New Jersey. The website delivers technology that empowers customers and prospective customers to engage at a level of their choosing and engage across a variety of channels including desktop, mobile, social, and video.

The recently released 2015/2016 cash-back and financing incentives available through New Jersey's Home Performance with Energy Star program creates a strong demand for home energy audits and related retrofits. The customer’s journey and every customer interaction, whether it’s scheduling an appointment online, engaging with a certified technician, engaging with a Ciel Home Performance Consultant, or getting a customer support case resolved with a Ciel Customer Experience Manager, is an opportunity to build a relationship and define the brand. Because of this, Ciel Power is constantly innovating and redefining the home performance customer experience.

The website empowers visitors across channels and devices to ensure they're always receiving the right message, at the right time, via the right channel. Now homeowners can make any journey possible and connect every interaction across each of their home's systems, from insulation to air-sealing, heating systems, air-conditioning systems and hot-water systems. 

  • New detailed “Services” pages: New “Services” pages make it easier than ever for customers to manage journeys that span spray foam insulation, cellulose insulation, fiberglass insulation, heating equipment, air-conditioning equipment, sales, service and other kinds of interactions.
  • New blog integration: Now, for the first time, blog articles on energy-efficiency related topics, updates on municipal activities, incentive program updates, as well as human interest stories are available as an integrated part of Ciel Power's website.
  • Updated New Jersey Home Performance with Energy Star pages: The completely revamped and updated for 2015/2016 NJ Home Performance with Energy Star section of Ciel Power's website deliver the newest and most relevant information to consumers about New Jersey's award-winning rebate and incentive program, empowering customers to make educated decisions related to installing energy-efficiency measures in their homes. New partnerships extend Ciel Power's scope to reach customers across the broad home performance ecosystem.
  • Ciel Magazine integration: In addition to connecting with customers and prospects across the home performance ecosystem: The new Ciel Magazine -- will empower readers with information about sustainability activities within New Jersey that have a direct impact on their lives, community, and environment. 
  • Target people across social networks: The new Ciel Power website is designed for content marketing, community program management, and customer on-boarding. To expand the reach of Ciel Power offerings, we encourage the sharing of our content material. Integrated content sharing buttons allow customers to disseminate information to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. 

“Having the rich breadth and depth of online capabilities with the new Ciel Power website allows us to deliver more relevant content to our customers,” said Scott Fischer, Managing Member of Ciel Power LLC. “Delivering the right information to an engaged customer at the optimal time is what we strive for. We expect the direct conversion from customers who engage the new website to be significantly higher than our prior website. With our new site, we hope to bridge the gap between marketing, sales, and service and provide increased enjoyment and satisfaction in the overall experience that a customer has with our organization.”

Customers can access the new Ciel Power immediately by visiting

About Ciel Power LLC:

Ciel Power LLC provides customers with a full suite of energy-efficient products and services including a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, prioritized retrofit recommendations, insulation, air-sealing, energy-efficient lighting, and alternative energy solutions.

With headquarters in Lyndhurst New Jersey, Ciel Power LLC is a Building Performance Institute Accredited Contractor, a New Jersey Home Performance with Energy Star participating provider, and a licensed New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor (NJHIC# 13VH067170900).

For more information about Ciel Power LLC visit or cal 201-632-3463.



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