Ciel's Own Scott Fischer Helps 'Close The Curtain' On These Winter Weatherization Mistakes

It's getting cooler outside and Rodale's Organic Life magazine is helping readers avoid common winter weatherization mistakes.  They reached out to our own Scott Fischer, Co-Founder and Managing Member of Ciel Power LLC for some insight.

"Homeowners tend to equate windows with energy efficiency," says Scott Fischer, Co-Founder of Ciel Power LLC.  "They're often under the mistaken impression that installing expensive replacement windows will have a significant impact on a home's overall comfort and overall energy consumption."

"I wanted to try to dispel the myth that spending a fortune on windows will have a big impact on a home's overall energy efficiency," Scott said.

In the article Scott suggests homeowners avoid purchasing ultra-premium windows in favor of air-sealing and layered window treatments.  “Windows typically account for 15% to 20% of the exterior of a home and will commonly have an R-value of between three and five," says Scott.  "In comparison, exterior walls typically account for 80% to 85% of the exterior surface of a home and an insulated wall has an R-value of over thirteen."

Scott continued, "With the generous incentives available for air-sealing and insulation upgrades in New Jersey, whole-house insulation projects often cost less than energy efficient replacement windows.  The installation of blown-in exterior wall insulation, upgraded attic insulation, and comprehensive 'whole-house' air-sealing will likely have much greater impact on a home's comfort and energy efficiency."

Rodale's Organic Life is an online and print handbook for living naturally in the modern world.  The entire article, written by Karen Cicero, can be found here.

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