Saving the Planet: One Swirl at a Time

Saving the Planet: One Swirl at a Time

Since their inception, Ben & Jerry’s has been passionate about sustainability and energy efficiency. Over the years, they’ve campaigned for a range of causes, and according to their latest campaign, Save Our Swirl, they’re taking climate change seriously.

The team at the ice cream conglomerate has been working round the clock to clean up their own act and spread the word, but they know just how powerful the masses can be. That’s why they’re reaching out to their fans to help with change.

Change Starts with the Taste Buds

While 2015 is an important year for energy efficiency and climate change, Ben & Jerry’s has gone a little further to highlight the importance of the UN Climate Summit, set to take place later in the year.

SOS: Save Our Swirl!

The creative minds at Ben & Jerry’s are sending out an SOS for the planet. Dubbed Save Our Swirl, the new flavor is a medley of marshmallow and raspberry swirls, raspberry ice cream and decadent white and dark fudge ice cream cones.

How does this send the message out about climate sustainability? Ben & Jerry’s viewpoint, “If it’s melted, it’s ruined!” refers to both the cones that appear to melting in the ice cream and the climate.

The entire campaign is aimed at calling all ice cream fans around the world to stand up and take action and help make the climate-talks a success. It’s time to demand that the world’s leaders take energy efficiency and creating a sustainable planet very seriously. The main call to action? A global shift towards 100% clean energy by the year 2050.

What’s Your Stance?

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