Up Your Energy-Efficiency As Ciel Celebrates Energy Awareness Month

Ciel celebrates National Energy Awareness Month 

It's hard to put a finger on any one thing that will make your home “energy-efficient”.  Instead, we'll be bringing you must-try upgrade tips all month to celebrate October's National Energy Awareness Month.  

October 2015, through presidential proclamation, marks Energy Action Month, an occasion celebrated with more resources than ever being made available to homeowners all month.  Energy efficiency is the sort of thing you can do slowly, in small steps, but this month we'll attempt to bring you enough information to do justice on melting away this winter's home heating bill.  

The impetus for efficiency improvements often comes from a central starting theme: to be more comfortable in your home.  A lack of energy-efficiency often correlates with discomfort, but the transformation from cold and inefficient to comfortable and efficient will surely become one of the most poignant home improvements a home may undergo.  It's also one that will yield multiple immediate benefits including; environmental, acoustical, fiscal, comfort, and noticeably fewer critters and insects.

An older home is often assumed to be leaky and inefficient.  However, retrofitting the home with energy-efficiency improvements can add comfort, value, and added enjoyment by bringing today's efficiency standards to yesterday's homes.  In many cases, energy efficiency retrofits reduce annual heating and cooling consumption by over thirty percent.  Stay tuned as we feature our best home upgrades throughout the month of October.