Why Do People Get A Home Energy Audit? A Conversation with REALTOR™ Kathryn 'Kat' Timpson

There’s never been a more exciting time to be a company that performs home energy audits in New Jersey.

A renewed emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability in the State of New Jersey is transforming the industry at breakneck speed, creating opportunities for homeowners and industry professionals who are able to keep up, or better still, get ahead of the curve.

To better understand these opportunities, REALTOR™ Kathryn ‘Kat’ Timpson invited the Ciel Team into her home to learn more about home energy audits.

In this conversation we discuss:

Why do people get a home energy audit?

Financial incentives available to homeowners that install energy efficiency upgrades continues to be one of the driving forces behind the demand for home energy audits. In New Jersey, these combined cash-back and financing incentives can exceed $19,000 for older homes. Even with these incentives, Natalie Tocci, a Home Performance Consultant with Ciel says, “usually people call us because they are uncomfortable in their home.”

What is the most consistent issue we see in older homes?

Pull down that attic hatch because insufficient attic insulation tops the list according to Ciel Home Energy Auditor, Beth Armstrong. “It’s like wearing your hat in winter” says Beth, its an important part of staying warm in winter.

How much insulation should I have in my attic?

Attic insulation requirements have grown steadily over the past twenty years. In New Jersey, an R-49 is required in new construction homes, up from the previously required R-19. When asked what does R-value mean? Ciel Managing Member Scott Fischer replied, “‘R’ is short for resistance… the greater the number, the higher the resistance. It’s just like suntan lotion, the higher the number, the more protection you get.”

Who is the target audience for a home energy audit? Is it the seller or buyer?

“It’s usually the buyer” says Natalie Tocci.