Consumer Reports Magazine Discusses the Energy Star program and Home Energy Audits

In this recent Consumer Reports Magazine article, the consumer rating publication, discusses the many benefits of the Energy Star program and how efforts are underway in Washington to potentially diminish the effectiveness of this ground breaking nationwide energy-efficiency program.  

As much as the magazine praises Energy Star as an effective electronic and appliance rating system, it also re-affirmed its 2015 recommendation that home owners get a home energy audit, saying a home energy audit is "one of the best way to lower bills". 

The national Home Performance with Energy Star program uses home energy audits as the first step towards participating in this nation-wide residential energy-efficiency program.  Here in New Jersey, this tradition continues with the award-winning New Jersey Home Performance with Energy Star program using home energy audits as the foundation for their energy-efficiency improvement recommendations.  The program utilizes the procedures and methodology created by the Building Performance Institute, a standard-setting organization that sets the benchmarks for residential energy-efficiency diagnostics, improvements, and retrofits.

According to the Building Performance Institute, "An energy audit will help you understand how much energy your home is using and how much it’s wasting. Using a variety of diagnostic tools, the auditor will identify problem areas that affect the home’s overall comfort, indoor air quality and safety. Then they will prioritize recommended repairs in order—from must-do to nice-do-do—that fit your budget."

The Home Performance with Energy Star program utilizes a "House As-A-System" approach, to understand how improvements throughout your home work together to deliver the biggest benefits including increased comfort, safety, and efficiency.