Glen Rock's Sustainable Jersey Bronze Certification

Glen Rock, New Jersey has a particularly inspiring Environmental Commission comprised of seven volunteer residents, each appointed by the Mayor.  The commission engages in a wide variety of initiatives and has achieved success in most of their endeavors much to the benefit of the broader community they serve.  

At this month's GREC meeting,  Mayor John Van Keuren and Mayor Elect Bruce Packer were both on-hand to celebrate Glen Rock's recent Sustainable Jersey's Bronze Level Certification award.   

We're inspired by the efforts of this group, and we're honored to have played a small role in the borough's sustainability certification with our joint home energy audit partnership.  We'd like to extend a special thank you to Paul Sharer and Andy Curshen who each announced their retirement from the commission.  We congratulate Glen Rock on their award and we wish the outgoing Mayor and retiring GREC Members well in their future endeavors.

Scott FischerComment