Inside Kathy Leventhal's Home Energy Audit: How The Deputy Mayor of Maplewood, New Jersey Utilized the Home Performance with Energy Star Program

Host to one of the state's biggest and most well-attended Earth Day events, Maplewood, New Jersey is a hotbed of sustainability in Northern New Jersey.  The efforts of Maplewood's local Green Team brought Maplewood to the forefront of New Jersey's sustainability initiative after winning the state's most prestigious Sustainability Certification; Sustainable Jersey's Silver Certification. 

Maplewood's sustainability efforts have proven to be infectious, drawing in surrounding communities and leading to ground-breaking communal partnerships with neighboring municipalities.  Banding together with nearby communities brought additional resources, vision, and motivation to the combined groups, leading to the creation of the Essex Community Energy program.  

The Essex Community Energy program, a combined effort of Green Teams from Maplewood, South Orange, Millburn, and Irvington, seeks to maximize awareness of energy efficiency incentive programs, including the New Jersey Home Performance with Energy Star program, available to residents of their communities by streamlining and simplifying the process for local residents.

"Our mission is to help our neighbors reduce their carbon footprint by learning about energy audits and the programs out there to help them get it done." says Tracey Woods, chair of the Maplewood Green Team.  

Deputy Mayor, Kathy Leventhal, a Maplewood Green Team Member, recently utilized the program's resources on her own home, and took the time to discuss her experience in this blog post: