Why Highland Park's Smart Home Campaign Is a Cold-Weather Win

If residential energy-efficiency campaigns were a sport unto themselves, Highland Park, New Jersey not only set the benchmark for the sport's most successful campaign, but they invented the game that has become widely known as one of the most successful residential energy-efficiency campaign platforms in New Jersey's history.  The model has taken off across the state, but instead of resting on their laurels, Highland Park has relaunched version 2.0 of its home energy audit program in an effort to best its own record, still standing as New Jersey's highest percentage participation in a municipal program.

Highland Park launched version 2.0 of its spirited campaign in the most recent edition of the Highland Park News, with Mayor Gayle Brill Mittler and Borough Council President Susan Welkovits discussing plans for the campaign's fall launch.  In spite of the efforts to best itself, Highland Park retained its core offerings of a reduced-price home energy audit and an introductory letter written by Highland Park's Mayor; Gayle Brill Mittler to kick off the campaign.  With a new look and a new name, version 2.0 of Highland Park's home energy assessment campaign, dubbed "Smart Home Energy Efficiency," promises to arrive just in time for the cold and wintry days ahead.

For additional information on the campaign, visit www.cielpower.com/highlandpark or call 201-632-3463.


Highland Park's Smart Home Energy Efficiency home energy audit campaign kick off is featured in the Highland Park News