How-To Guide: Put the Brakes on Commuting Waste

Did you know? Americans logged over 10 million trips on buses, trains or subways in 2013 to hit the highest public transit ridership in nearly 60 years. According to a recent report by the American Public Transportation Association, those aren’t the only encouraging numbers. While car miles driven went up a minimal .3% overall nationwide, the miles per person actually dropped in 47 states. The numbers say people are generally driving less, especially on the way to work.

How can you get in on the action? Here are a few ways to cut your commute and put the brakes on extra fuel costs.

Walking: If you actually are lucky enough to live within 5 -10 minutes walking distance of your job, lace up your sneakers and hit the road. This method has the added bonus of a little exercise (and thus, stress relief) built right in. Just remember to check the weather and grab an umbrella as needed. Spring showers could dampen (pun totally intended) your quest to go Green.

Biking:  This is another active and emissions-free way to get to work. Here are a few tips to start your biking
to work journey.
Start with realistic goals: You don’t have to bike to work every day. Start with one or two days a week and work up from there. You could also plan on carpooling one way in the beginning.
Test Your Route: Before you take the biking plunge, set your course and test it out. Make sure that it is safe and time effective. You probably wouldn’t want to bike more than 45 minutes to an hour.
Always Be Safe: Make sure to grab your helmet on the way out! You may be able to skip the spandex, though. Just make sure to wear pedal-ready shoes and clothes that won’t get tangled in the wheels.

Carpools: Sometimes due to distance or weather, skipping a car commute is just not in the cards. Have no fear! Carpooling gives you a way to half the fuel you use by teaming up with a coworker or friend who works nearby. Other benefits of carpooling include:
You can use the HOV lane to skip most traffic.
You will decrease the wear and tear on your car.
You will split the cost of fuel and parking.

Public Transit: There are plenty of opportunities to join the record-setting public transit riders right here in NJ. Here are a few helpful links to help you chart your course. Bring a book and enjoy letting someone else take the wheel.

Glen Rock Transportation and Parking
Princeton Public Transportation Find everything you need to know for the entire area here.
Flexible Hours or Telecommuting: Maybe you can do your part by changing your schedule or not going to work at all (!).

To establish a Green flex schedule, start by seeing if your office is open to a workday that would allow you to skip major traffic jams. Or you could try compressing your schedule so that you only have to drive to work 4 of 5 days.

Telecommuting at least once a week would also drastically cut down on your time on the road. All you would need is your customary coffee, an internet connection and a comfy couch.

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