Celebrating Earth Day 2014 in New Jersey!

The world is becoming more focused on sustainability.  Statewide, New Jersey's 2014 Earth Day celebrations reflect this resurgence with bigger events, higher turnouts, and innovative programs being developed by local Environmental Commissions and Green Groups.

2014 Madison Earth Day Celebration
2014 Madison, NJ Earth Day Celebration
The migration to a sustainable lifestyle has never been more important than it is today.  New Jersey's Home Performance with Energy Star program is helping New Jersey residents engage sustainability by providing financial incentives that help working families upgrade insulation, heating, cooling, and hot water systems in their homes.  Now every New Jersey family can discover greater comfort, lower energy bills, and a healthier environment by engaging the rebates and incentives offered by the New Jersey Home Performance with Energy Star program.

2014 Highland Park Earth Day Celebrataion
We've been at Earth Day events throughout New Jersey to promote this award winning home improvement program.  So far, we've attended events in Woodbridge, Highland Park, Glen Rock, Norwood, Madison and Paramus.  We've also partnered with several corporations in New Jersey to help companies provide their employees with the tools they need to participate in this program.

We're at the dawn of a more sustainable future in New Jersey ~ where home performance is a household name and inside every New Jersey home is a high efficiency heating system, an energy efficient air-conditioning system, and properly installed insulation and air-sealing measures.

2014 Woodbridge Earth Day Celebration, Woodbridge Community Center
Ciel Power delivers the products, services, and technologies to transform the comfort, efficiency, and durability of your home.  Now every New Jersey homeowner can leverage this unique energy efficiency program to upgrade their home and realize the benefits of lower energy consumption, lower environmental impact, and increased comfort.