8 Surprising Items You Can Recycle!

With Earth Day just around the corner and spring cleaning upon us, we thought focusing on recycling made a lot sense. Not only can recycling keep tons (literally) of reusable trash out of landfills, but it can also help NJ homeowners like you clear some clutter.

We’re always here to share the many benefits of going Green. From auditing your home systems to helping you repurpose your jeans (yes, really), we are your one-source solution to energy efficiency. You’re welcome.

1. Blue Jeans: Maybe you finally decided to try skinny jeans this year. Don’t toss out those bell bottoms. Companies like

Blue Jeans Go Green will take old (or outdated, whatever) jeans and turn them into insulation for charity housing projects like Habitat for Humanity. Turn your ill-fated fashion choice into a warmer home for those in need!

2. Christmas Lights: Yup. That tangled pile of Christmas lights that only half work can also be shipped to recycling programs like HolidayLEDs

. Your former source of frustration and clutter will be broken down and made into something new! As a bonus, you’ll get a 15% off coupon for anything on their site once your shipment of lights is confirmed.

3. Crayons: Give all those dull, broken crayons that you just can’t ever really sharpen (to a 5 year old’s satisfaction at least) a chance to add color to someone else’s life. The CRAYON RECYCLE PROGRAM is a great way to get the kids on board with going Green.

. Once this innovative program receives your tired old crayons, they will melt them down and upcycle them into new crayons for kids to enjoy.

4. Panty Hose: Guess what they can make out of panty hose. Go on, guess! If you said park benches, playground equipment and toys, you’re right! Give your run-filled tights new legs with the No Nonsense recycling program.

5. Makeup Containers: Before you throw out that lipstick tube, make sure that your brand of choice doesn’t take their containers back. Origins and Mac, to name a couple, will let you recycle their containers. Origins offers free skincare samples to recyclers, while Mac will throw in a free lipstick after receiving 6 containers back.

6. Coffee Bags: If you throw out Starbucks coffee bags, you are missing out on the cheapest date possible. Just return the bags to your local Starbucks to receive a tall coffee on the house. You can also save 10 cents per drink by using a refillable tumbler.

7. Water Filters: Good for you! You’re already skipping the waste of water bottles with a pitcher at home. Take your Green strategy one step farther by recycling your water filters, too.  Brita makes it easy to do just that.

8. Athletic Shoes: Even your most grass stained pair of shoes can be used for something new. The Nike Reuse-A-Shoe program will grind them up and turn them into Nike Grind (go figure). This springy material is perfect for sports surfaces like tennis court or running tracks.

Did any of these items surprise you? What crazy thing have you found that you can recycle?