Can Energy Efficiency Recruit Top Talent?

We believe that we can create a better world.  A world where everyone's home is energy efficient, communities are cleaner, and our children are healthier.

We're doing our part to make this world a reality by making people's homes work better.  We've built the system to make this happen, and we're recruiting the industry's best installers, auditors, engineers, and consultants to our side.

Yesterday we spent an afternoon in Bergen County, New Jersey at the Bergen County Job Fair.  As employers, we're all trying to win people to our causes, to get them to believe in our companies or missions. That's why it was so truly inspiring to see our breakout session on Careers in Energy and Sustainability filled with people from lots of different backgrounds looking to join companies like ours in the pursuit of making our communities a better place to live.

We have openings in sales, auditing, and installations.  We hope you'll come build that world with us.

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