What's Behind Sustainable Princeton's EnergySmart Homes Campaign?

From reducing town wide energy consumption to reducing waste generated by homes and businesses - Sustainable Princeton is working toward a sustainable future by partnering with  Princeton residents, businesses, schools, local government and other community groups to achieve measurable results.

One of Sustainable Princeton's highest priorities is to reduce energy generated by fossil fuels by 2020.  As a result, Sustainable Princeton introduced the EnergySmart Homes campaign in 2013 to focus on reducing household energy consumption in Princeton.

By partnering with Ciel Power to provide streamlined access to Home Energy Audits, Sustainable Princeton aims to increase awareness of household energy consumption - one of the largest consumers of energy in Princeton.  Participants in Sustainable Princeton's EnergySmart Homes program receive detailed information about how their home uses or wastes energy, along with detailed information about incentive programs available to offset the cost of improving the energy efficiency of their homes.

Making its debut at the 2014 Princeton Environmental Film Festival, this video highlights the efforts Sustainable Princeton is making to improve the natural environment of this vibrant community.  We thought they did a fantastic job...  Enjoy!

To schedule an EnergySmart Homes Home Energy Assessment, visit www.cielpower.com/princeton.