Nutley opinion: Improving my home and the environment |

What single metric do we all have in common living in the northeast?  Our homes are all exposed to extreme swings in temperature, humidity, and seasonal weather changes.

Have you ever wondered why your heating and cooling systems struggle to maintain comfortable temperatures during these months?  For homeowners, this can be a tough nut to crack - not because they lack the aptitude to figure it out, but because it's often not what anyone expects to discover.  More often than not, homeowners blame old windows and leaky doorways for the comfort issues in the home, despite the fact that air leakage is generally widespread throughout the home and insulation levels are significantly below the recommended levels.

With the growing emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability, Home Energy Audits have become more widespread and include advanced technology that exposes air leakage and under insulated building construction.  The award winning Home Performance with Energy Star program utilizes data collected during this assessment as the foundation for their recommended energy efficiency improvements.

These improvements are designed to buffer your home from extreme temperatures, keeping cold out of your home in the wintertime and heat out of your home during the warm summer months.  We were thrilled to work with this Nutley, New Jersey reporter who shared her experience participating in the New Jersey Home Performance with Energy Star Program

Nutley opinion: Improving my home and the environment