Installing Insulation Without A BPI Accredited Contractor? Bad Idea

BPI Accredited Contractors have quickly become the go-to providers for energy efficiency retrofits.  From the general public to state and federal energy efficiency program administrators, Building Performance Institute Certified Providers have set the standard (literally!) for Home Performance Projects.

Consumer Reports magazine cautions, "Watch out for: Fly-by-night companies—“blow and go” is the industry term—who charge a hefty fee for an audit, promise major upgrades, then disappear. Choose a contractor certified by the Building Performance Institute. They’re required to do an audit before and after any work to guarantee results."

We're proud to be a Building Performance Institute Accredited Company, and we're even more proud that over fifty percent of our staff has multiple BPI certifications.  We've provided paid training for many of our employees to gain their certifications and we're striving towards our goal of having one hundred percent of our staff certified by the Building Performance Institute.

We've put together this graphic to help our customers understand the importance of having these industry certifications.