Project Spotlight: The Episcopal Church at Princeton University | Procter House

Project Spotlight:  The Episcopal Church at Princeton University | Procter House

The Episcopal Church at Princeton University's Procter House has been the home of both the Chaplain and the Chaplaincy since its purchase in 1928.  Located on the corner of Dickinson Street and University Place in Princeton, the Procter House is directly across from Princeton University's Foulke Hall.  

In addition to its private residences, Procter House serves students from Princeton University, Princeton Theological Seminary, and Westminster Choir College at a variety of services and events.  

5 Important Reasons To Get A Home Energy Audit

5 Important Reasons To Get A Home Energy Audit

A home energy assessment, also known as a home energy audit, assesses how your home loses or wastes energy and what measures you can take to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. An assessment will show you problems that may, when corrected, will have a dramatic effect on your home’s overall comfort and will save you significant amounts of money over time.


New Jersey Insulation Incentives

New Jersey Insulation Incentives

Get up To $4,000 in cash-back rebates and up to $15,000 in incentive financing to install today's energy-efficient products in your home.

Apply up to $19,000 worth of financial incentives towards improving the comfort of your home while lowering seasonal heating and cooling costs.  Cash-back incentives in the amount of $2,000, $3,000, or $4,000 help you save money and extend your home improvement dollars.  Incentive financing totaling $5,000, $10,000, or $15,000 give you comfortable payment options to meet your needs and your budget.

$1.3 Million Worth of Home Improvement Incentives Uncovered for Summit Homeowners

$1.3 Million Worth of Home Improvement Incentives Uncovered for Summit Homeowners

The program, dubbed the Summit Home Energy Insight program, easily accomplishing its goal of performing one hundred home energy audits, delighted its 100th participant with a gift basked comprised of energy efficient products.  

To date, the program has helped residents of Summit uncover more than $1.3 million dollars worth of incentives available through the New Jersey Home Performance with Energy Star program for home improvement upgrades.

Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade Your Home's Insulation

Ciel's Home Performance Consultants offer an insider's look on why Ciel's customers are upgrading their home's insulation.

Architect Gary Rosard Nails Sustainability

Architect Gary Rosard Nails Sustainability

While most architects are incorporating energy-efficiency into their designs as an afterthought, there is an increasing number of architects who are incorporating green design techniques utilizing a “whole house approach” to energy-efficiency in the developments, additions, and renovations they design.  Known for comfortable modern homes and stunning interior design, Gary Rosard designs projects from his office on Millburn Avenue in Millburn, New Jersey. 

Why Is My Addition Always Cold? Five Ways To Improve The Comfort of Your Addition

Why Is My Addition Always Cold?  Five Ways To Improve The Comfort of Your Addition

For those who have a great room, kitchen addition, or bathroom addition, fall is often the beginning of a long stretch of comfort issues – no amount of space heating, blankets, or extra sweaters seem to provide the comfort necessary to truly enjoy these newer spaces.  That's why we dove deep into our bench of experts to find the top five causes of comfort issues in new additions; and what can be done to  improve comfort in your home's addition.  We've prioritized the recommendations from least invasive/difficult to most invasive/difficult, but one thing's for sure – these improvements, when installed, will have a dramatic impact on the overall comfort of these spaces.


National Energy Awareness Month; Spotlight on Energy-Efficient Home Heating Systems

National Energy Awareness Month; Spotlight on Energy-Efficient Home Heating Systems

Chances are, if you live in a home with an outdated heating system, the idea of colder winter months approaching is actually scarier than October's spookiest night.  Leaks  and clanking aplenty, keeping comfortable is a nightmare, and the constant maintenance required to keep the unit running is downright horrifying.  In New Jersey, and other states throughout the country, however, there's really nothing to fear.  Both in New Jersey and other states, there are programs that have truly taken the fear out of October by offering amazing incentives that are well worth the trip outside your comfort zone and into the realm of energy-efficiency.   

Top 5 Reasons To Get a Home Energy Audit

A Ciel Home Energy Audit may only take a few hours, but this first step towards additional comfort, energy-efficiency, and lower operating costs make it rival those of almost any other home improvement pursuit.  From Martha Stewart, to Consumer Reports magazine and the US Department of Energy, a home energy audit is on the short list of every industry professional.

Up Your Energy-Efficiency As Ciel Celebrates Energy Awareness Month

Ciel celebrates National Energy Awareness Month 

It's hard to put a finger on any one thing that will make your home “energy-efficient”.  Instead, we'll be bringing you must-try upgrade tips all month to celebrate October's National Energy Awareness Month.  

October 2015, through presidential proclamation, marks Energy Action Month, an occasion celebrated with more resources than ever being made available to homeowners all month.  Energy efficiency is the sort of thing you can do slowly, in small steps, but this month we'll attempt to bring you enough information to do justice on melting away this winter's home heating bill.  

The impetus for efficiency improvements often comes from a central starting theme: to be more comfortable in your home.  A lack of energy-efficiency often correlates with discomfort, but the transformation from cold and inefficient to comfortable and efficient will surely become one of the most poignant home improvements a home may undergo.  It's also one that will yield multiple immediate benefits including; environmental, acoustical, fiscal, comfort, and noticeably fewer critters and insects.

An older home is often assumed to be leaky and inefficient.  However, retrofitting the home with energy-efficiency improvements can add comfort, value, and added enjoyment by bringing today's efficiency standards to yesterday's homes.  In many cases, energy efficiency retrofits reduce annual heating and cooling consumption by over thirty percent.  Stay tuned as we feature our best home upgrades throughout the month of October.

The Best Sustainability Tweets of the Week: ClimateWeek NYC, C40 Cities, Vogue Magazine, Vice President Biden, and Bill McKibben Mark Top Off Sustainability's Biggest Week

In perhaps sustainability's biggest week ever, the wind is at the back of the world's most important global initiative leading into December's COP21 United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Paris, France.  Over 145 countries will attend this event and, according to the We Mean Business Coalition, the efforts of these global leaders is backed by over six million businesses who have indicated support for a strong climate deal.

From committed world leaders to multi-national corporate executives pledging to introduce sustainability at every level of their supply chain, last week's historic @ClimateWeekNYC conference was a flood of commitment towards the revitalization of our planet.

@c40cities brought together a coalition of 165 cities from around the world committed to #climateaction through the @CompactofMayors.

@voguemagazine brought us a glimpse of @TeslaMotors and @SpaceX's founder Elon Musk in this insightful article comparing the car-of-the-future creator and space ship manufacturer to the fictional characters Christian Grey and Tony Stark.

@VP, inspired by @Pontifex, shared thoughts of hope, optimism, and of the challenges put forth by Pope Francis's to make the world a better place in this @TIME article of inspiration written during the Pope's visit to Washington DC.

Finally, standing in what would normally be a brutal traffic jam in downtown Paris,  @billmckibben brought us these images from @Gizmodo's coverage of Journee Sans Voiture (Day Without Cars).  The seven hour event was part of an effort to draw attention to the city's pollution problem in advance of the upcoming climate talks.